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The Coach's Consortium

You probably know there is no secret to creating a highly successful coaching practice.

There is no "special sauce" or "magic formula" that will have clients knocking down your door. Success in coaching is purely driven by:

  • Taking Appropriate Actions
  • Consistently Following Through on Those Action
  • Good Logical (Not Emotional) Decision Making
  • Effective Resources

How can you be sure you are doing all of these on a daily basis? By having proper guidance on "what to do" and a group peers to keep you on track.

The Coach's Consortium is a dedicated mastermind group for coaches who want to be in the Top 5% with a thriving practice. It is a place to receive ongoing:

  • Accountability 
  • Encouragement
  • Personal Growth
  • Fresh Perspective
  • Business Knowledge
  • And... So Much More

What is the Coach's Consortium?

Growing a coaching practice can be a lonely endeavor. Without the right support, encouragement and guidance, it's easy to get side-tracked and loose momentum.

That’s where the Coach's Consortium comes in.

The Consortium is a combination of brainstorming, knowledge, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business skills.

Additionally, it's ongoing guidance from Ed - a highly successful coach who has supported 100's of other coaches to launch and grow their practices. 

The Consortium will provide you with:

  • The confidence to make the right steps to get paying clients

  • Objective feedback on the services and programs you are offering

  • Accountability to keep you focused on what’s most important

  • Honest open feedback on your presentation skills

  • Brainstorming and troubleshooting to help you with your next steps

  • A risk-free environment to share your ideas

Joining the Consortium will make the difference in your coaching practice so that you will continue to develop, grow, and get more clients.


A Little About Me

I started out just like YOU!

I was a registered nurse who had lost my way pursuing several unfulfilling endeavors--waking up each day thinking, "there's gotta be more than this!" One day playing volleyball, I met a woman who was so full of incredible spirit and energy, I was immediately compelled to ask, "What do you do?" Her response was, "I'm a coach." 

Those three words changed my life!! I wanted what she had. I wanted to love what I do... just like her. Within 2 days, I was registered for iPEC... I was on my way! 

I had a strong business background, and...

After 25 years and 15 businesses of my own, I knew a thing or two about how to be successful in business. Now with my professional coaching certification in hand, I was sure clients flock to me. But... they didn't. 

I needed to learn how to grow a COACHING business!

Even with my previous business knowledge, I still needed to learn how to attract clients. I needed to figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a thriving practice. There was so much to do... website, newsletters, branding, marketing, finding new potential clients (the list goes on and on)! 

I now have a thriving coaching practice!

Through my own trial and error (yes, I made my fair share of mistakes), through studying successful coaches, reading the books and hiring master coaches... I figured it out (as I always do with my businesses)! 

I found the path to creating a thriving coach practice that continually earns $20,000 - $30,000 each month. Not only that... I was finally fulfilled in my life and loved getting up every day. I am now THAT person who is full of incredible spirit and energy!

I know the way... with the Consortium and my personal support, I will guide you to a thriving coach practice!

The Coach's Consortium Provides You With:

Lasting Results

We’ve all taken the weekend workshop. Once we’re back home, we're left to our own devices to make it work. The Consortium was built to bring you lasting results. Through consistent monthly meetings with the group and me, you will work to evolve your coaching practice… making it sustainable and thriving.



Accountability is a powerful motivator. Knowing that you will be required to deliver on your promises to the group will give you the prioritization to work ON the business parts of your coaching practice.

Expert Guidance

My role is to be a Mentor, Advisor and Consultant to you, as well as to your peer group. My guidance will get to the core of the issue, bringing clarity and devising an appropriate path forward.



The Consortium is a safe place to share ideas and problems among serious peers who don't care if you're not doing it right... they care that you're honest and interested in finding the right direction.


Each of your fellow group members will have access to a different skillset and network of people. You will become valuable resources to each other as your relationships develop. When faced with tough challenge or in need a little "pick-me-up" - call a fellow member. 



It's one thing to learn a useful business skill... successfully implementing it into your daily routine may not always prove so easy. The ongoing support from the Consortium will guide you to effectively implement newly learned skills so that you never "get stuck."


What's Involved

Monthly Meetings

2-Hour Monthly Group Call

Spend dedicated time working ON the business parts of your coaching practice. The group will meet monthly to collaborate on each other's practice through problem solving sessions, presentation critique, and peer progress reports. I will be facilitating these monthly meetings.

One-on-One Consulting

60-Minute Monthly Call with Ed

I will understand how you function within your practice and will guide you to improve each of the key business components that will have you become more effective, confident and (of course) profitable.

Business Lifeline

My client's say this is an essential component of working with me. When you are faced with a pressing situation or a point of uncertainty... reach out me and I will guide you. If you need to send a proposal, important email, etc... send it to me first. I will make sure it's as strong as it can be. 


New Group Starting October 2014

Let's Get Started

I appreciate your interest in the Coach's Consortium. So I can learn a bit about you and your practice, please take a moment to fill out this profile form.

My team will be in touch in a day or so to schedule a call between you and I. That way, we can chat about the Consortium and your best next steps.

I promise, it will not be a pushy sales call - If it's right for you, GREAT... if not, that's OK too (This isn't for everyone).

Feel comfortable contacting me directly if you prefer:

Direct Dial: (212) 564-9959

Let's get started,

Ed Abel

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