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The Business Consortium

If you are looking at this page, you are smart enough to know there is no secret to creating a highly success business.

Success in business is purely driven by:

  • Taking Appropriate Action
  • Accountability to Follow Through
  • Good Logical (Not Emotional) Decision Making
  • Effective Resources

How can you be sure you are delivering all of these on a daily basis? By having a board of advisors to keep you on track.

The Consortium is your dedicated board of advisors that provides access to outside experience, objective advice, on-going support and accountability to continually improve your business.


What is the Consortium?

As the leader of your business, it’s likely you don't have a source of trusted business advice to guide you through challenges and seize new opportunities.

That’s where the Consortium comes in.

It's an exclusive group of committed business owners who are traveling the same business road you are.

They are not your family members, not your accountant, not your employees… they truly are business owners like you who have walked in your shoes and can provide objective, quality insights & advice. They respect your confidentiality and want to help you thrive in your business.

It's a shared experience that will offer you fresh perspectives, first-hand insight, and new ideas empowering you to overcome obstacles.

The Consortium will provide you with:

  • The confidence to make well informed business decisions

  • Objective feedback on the situations you are facing in your business (and your life)

  • Accountability to keep you focus on what’s vital

  • Honest open feedback on your leadership and presentation abilities

  • Brainstorming and troubleshooting to tackle your challenges

  • A risk-free environment to share your ideas

  • Expertise and creativity to improve your business

  • The ability to have better quality of life

Joining the Consortium will make the difference in your business so that it will be sustainable, profitable, independent and thriving.


The Consortium Difference

My Mission -- To bring wealth, prosperity and joy to business owners who know their business can be so much more!

My experience consists of:

  • Building dozens of successful business support groups
  • Over 12,000 hours advising business owners spanning many sectors
  • Having created 2 multi-million dollar businesses ($36 million and $4 million)
  • Managed over 585 employees
  • Built 13 businesses (Some failed but many succeeded)

Simply said... I know what it takes to build your business so that it is Sustainable, Profitable, Independent and Thriving!

We all define success individually, but most would agree it's when your business is:

  • Not dependent on any one referral source or one person
  • Profitable, defined by money available after you and your invoices have been paid
  • Capable of having the cash register ring when you are on an island drinking a Pina Colada
  • Thriving with many different opportunities presenting themselves

What truly allows this to happen:

  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • A reporting mechanism that has you take action to achieve the results you want
  • Someone who can view your business with an objective perspective

The Consortium (with my guidance) provides this and so much more.

Now is the time to take serious action to make your business
be all it can be!!

The Consortium Delivers

Lasting Results

We’ve all taken the quick business development program. Once we’re back in the office, it’s back to the rat race. The Consortium was built to bring you lasting results. Through consistent monthly meetings with your peer group and me, you will work to evolve your business… making it sustainable, profitable, independent, and thriving.



Accountability is a powerful motivator. Knowing that you will be required to deliver on your promises to the group will give you the prioritization to work ON your business.

Expert Guidance

My role is to be a Mentor, Advisor and Consultant to you, as well as to your peer group. My guidance will get to the core of the issue, bringing clarity and devising an appropriate path forward.



Isolated from your employees and clients, the Consortium is a safe place to discuss business challenges among serious and mature peers who don't care if you're not doing it right... they care that you're honest and interested in finding the right direction.


Each of your fellow group members will have access to a different skillset and network of people. You will become valuable resources to each other as your relationships develop. When faced with tough choices, engage your peers for a fresh perspective allowing for new ideas to flow to your business.



It's one thing to learn a useful concept or tactic... successfully implementing it into your daily operations may not always prove so easy. The ongoing support from the Consortium will guide you to effectively implement newly learned strategies so that you never "get stuck" with making them work in your organization.


What's Involved

Monthly Meetings

Spend dedicated time working ON your business. The group will meet monthly for a full day to collaborate on each other's business through problem solving sessions, business presentation critique, and peer progress reports. I will be facilitating these monthly meetings.

One-on-One Consulting

90-minute personalized advisory session with me each month. I will understand how you function within your business and will guide you to improve each of the key business components that will have you become more effective, confident and (of course) profitable.

Business Lifeline

My client's say this is an essential component of working with me. When you are faced with a pressing situation, critical decision, or a point of uncertainty... call me and I will guide you. I have countless examples of how these chats produced huge results (saving time, money or both) with just a 5 minute call.


Let's Get Started

I appreciate your interest in the Business Consortium. So I can learn a bit about you and your business, please take a moment to fill out this profile form.

My team will be in touch in a day or so to schedule a call between you and I. That way, we can chat about the Consortium and your best next steps.

I promise, it will not be a pushy sales call - If it's right for you, GREAT... if not, that's OK too (This isn't for everyone).

Feel comfortable contacting me directly if you prefer:

Direct Dial: (212) 564-9959

Let's get started,

Ed Abel

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