It's Lonely at the Top

Whether you’re the CEO, company president, business owner, ring leader, “the-buck-stops-here” person; one word describes you — ALONE!

Yes, there is truth to that old saying: “It’s lonely at the top.” And as the owner of multiple businesses, I’m living proof because I’ve been there myself, many times — and I’ve witnessed it first-hand in the companies I help turn around.

Let me explain… Even if you have 100’s of employees, you are still alone. The fact that you are the leader of your business separates you from everyone else in your company. 

You set the tone! 
You determine the tempo! 
You drive the culture!

It all comes from you! It can be a scary place to be in — but it comes with the role of being a business owner. So... how do you handle that?

You Don't Have to be Alone

When I was 24 years old, I borrowed $5,000 from my parents and started my first business. Seven years later, I was running a $36 million organization with 585 employees. Even with all those people around me... I felt alone.

Today, I take 30+ years of successes and failures to guide business owners to create sustainable, profitable, independent and thriving organizations.  

What I can do for you

Your business is the vehicle to achieve the lifestyle and financial security you desire—all while enjoying what you do. I bring you:  

Faster access to the knowledge, wisdom and insights to get what you want!

An enjoyable way to make your business sustainable, profitable and thriving! 

How working with me is different

I share every ounce of my knowledge and know-how from 30+ years of building, growing, and selling multi-million dollar companies. This is not for everyone. But if you’re committed, I guarantee we will change your business and your life... AND the lives of those you serve.

Let's Get Started

CONTACT ME — Tell me what's going on in your business! I will share my knowledge with you so you can experience first hand how I can help you to build a business that is sustainable, profitable, independent and thriving.  

I promise, it will not be a SALES PITCH. If you like what you hear, then we can discuss a plan to work together.  

Direct Dial: 212-564-9959


Ways to Work with Ed

The Business Consortium

Your dedicated board of advisors that provides access to outside experience, objective advice, on-going support and accountability to continually improve your business. Learn More

Customized Business Consulting

Through scheduled meetings, frequent check-ins via phone and email, and review of business communications, I will understand how you and your team function within your business and I will then be able to educate and guide you to improving each of the key business components that will have you become more effective, more comfortable and (of course) more profitable. Contact Me for More Details

Surrogate COO

An elite partnership-a special alliance between you and me where I share every ounce of my knowledge and know-how from 25 years of building, selling, and growing multi-million dollar companies. Learn More

New York University

Three times a year, I teach a class at NYU (Starting Your Own Small Business). Learn More